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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I use Email Dominator 2.1 without purchasing an external smtp server & send 100,000 emails per day for free ?

A: You can register 1000 free gmail accounts and use it as smtp server in Email Dominator 2.1 . Email Dominator 2.1 supports smtp server rotation so that, you can send 100*1000=100,000 emails per day at a SINGLE CLICK from Email Dominator 2.1 using the free gmail accounts.

Q: How do you guarantee 100% INBOX delivery?


A:  Our SMTP servers are maintained with good reputation with major ISPs. We will be setting spf , dkim, rdns to authenticate each outgoing emails which will make it to INBOX. It is included in the software installation and set up process. We guarantee 100% inbox delivery.



Q: What all payment options do you support?


A: We support Credit card , Paypal and bank wire trasnfers.

Q: We need to send emails with our official company domain as sender email id, is it possible?
Ans. User can use ANY existing email id as Sender email id / From address with our platform. The recipients will see the email id specified in the sender id field while opening their email. For 100% INBOX delivery we recommend you to add the SPF/DKIM txt record which we give to your sending domain’s txt record (Ask our chat operator how to do this).



Q: How long will it take to receive the product after making the payment?


A: For all online orders, the license keys / accounts are provisioned within instantly. For offline payment methods like cash deposit, western union, bank wire transfer, we deliver the product/service within 6 hours after the money gets credited in our account.


Q: Can I get a full refund if your product seemed to be worthless to me?


A: Yes. If you are unsatisfied due to any reason, you will get a full refund with no questions asked if applied within 15 days of purchase. Refund requests for our software is a very rare case & we normally have a very less refund ratio of less than 0.25%. Please see our Refund Policy.



Q: How can I clearly track sales generated in my website through visitors from my email campaign in Email Dominator 2.1 ?


A: Email Dominator 2.1 is integrated with Google Analytics, where in you put a small code in the landing page of your sales confirmation page / thankyou page of your website, and put the google analytics campaign term inside the Email Dominator 2.1 software. Then you will be able to know how many exact number of  people have landed in your sales confirmation page which are only via your email campaign. You can get their detailed statistics like country, ip, city , state, date and time etc.


Q: How do I collect customer contact details via forms in my website and import them into Email Dominator 2.1 2.0?


A: Our staff will help you to create customized forms in your website (PHP/ASP) and when your website visitors fills in this form, the data (all fields in the form) will be  automatically added to the email lists inside the Email Dominator 2.1 software to which you can send bulk emails at any time.


Q: I have my own software to send my emails, what i need is the third party smtp to use with my software. how can you help?


A: Purchase the smtp server from our site www.newsmtp.com and use it with your bulk email software to send the number of email credits you have purchased..


Q: I need an email verifier, but i cant find it on your website. How can you help me?


A:  We donot provide email verifier as a stand alone software. Instead we provide it along with our Email Dominator 2.1 Email verifier is an in-built application in our software which helps you remove invalid email ids from your list before sending bulk emails.


Q: What is the use of built-in email templates in Email Dominator 2.1 ?


A: Built-in email templates are rich in graphics and have perfect errorless HTML coding. You can choose your category of built-in templates (for eg: travel, sports, technology etc) and edit it with your custom content and send beautiful email newsletters without having  a designing knowledge. Over 400 Built-in templates are provided in paid version which are all tested in over 14 email clients for visibility.



Q: Will my server be suspended if there are too many email bounce rate? OR due to spam complaints?


A: Too many spam complaints or bounces may result in server suspension depending upon the severity of the complaints. However, due to the concept of IP rotation used in our software, the effect of spam complaints on the server stability will be reduced, since spam complaints will get splitted into different IPs. This unique feature of IP rotation is what makes our software the favorite of majority of email marketers who sends bulk emails to opt-in purchased email lists.


Q: Are you selling the software without dedicated SMTP server because i want to use my server. 


A: If you have your own server, you can use it along with our software.


Q: Does my own IP address gets exposed anywhere while using your service?


A: No .We uses our server ips to send emails. We do not use your isp address. You just need to make sure that there is internet connection to start email campaign.


Q: How many you can send from Email Dominator 2.1 per hour?


A:  Around 6000 emails per hour is the average speed of the software Email Dominator 2.1 on a normal broad band internet connection.



Q: Do you have Email Newsletter designing service ? whats the cost ?


A: We charge $49 per each custom template designed by our experienced graphics designers which will be specifically designed according to your requirements. You can edit this newsletter template with your custom content for your future campaigns.


Q: Can I send Personalized Emails using your Software ?


A: Yes, You can send Personalized Emails using our software .  Instead of Dear Sir/Madam, each recipient will receive email like “Dear John”, “Dear Ann”. Etc.   It is done by automatically fetching the values in specific columns in the excel sheet (.csv) while sending the email. Both subject line personalization and body personalization are available in Email Dominator 2.1 .


Q: How can I get my open rates and click rate and bounce reports ?


A: You will be able to track the complete details of email delivery from www.track-your-email.com, which is a web application which is provided free along with Email Dominator 2.1 for live email delivery tracking. Even you will be able to download the opened/clicked email ids  in to MS Excel (csv) file.


Q: Do you have automated bounced email processing & automated unsubscription handling in the software ?Is it inbuilt process


A: Yes we do have the Automated Bounced Email processing & automated unsubscription handling feature in the software, it’s a inbuilt feature we have in the software. Bounce-backs/unsubscriptions are automatically recognized, and originating addresses can be either disabled/unsubscribed or deleted from the lists.


Q: What is the use of IP rotation in Email Dominator 2.1 ?


A: IP rotation will reduce the effect of spam complaints. When spam complaints are registered, it gets split into different IPs, there by preventing the server shut down.



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