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Put Subscription Forms in your Website to Grab Your Subscribers

Building a permission based email list naturally is made easy in Email Dominator 2.1

In this section, you will be able to create subscription forms in your website. When a visitor to your website fills in the form in your website with his details like name, email id, phone number , city etc, an email is automatically send to the email address associated with your list. Each email send to your email address will have the subject line as “Subscribe”. The body of the email contains other fields in your form like email id, name, phone number, city, country etc. “Manage Subscription” section in Email Dominator 2.1 will let you to download these subscription mails send to your email account by connecting to your email account via pop3 access. It will then add all the email ids, name, city , phone, country etc to your selected list.


Separate form scripts are provided for websites hosted in windows or linux platform. However integrating these forms into your existing website may require technical expertise if you are a newbie. Donot worry about that. Our designers will integrate these subscription forms to your existing website pages free of charge when you purchase the PRO VERSION of Email Dominator 2.1 Our designers can customize the fields in the forms and graphics / colors matching with your website pages etc. All you have to do is to provide the FTP details of your website to our staff for installation.

Download form script here if your website hosting is Windows (asp)


Download form script here if your website hosting is Linux (php)


(After downloading the above zip file, look instructions.txt file in the extracted file list for instructions on integrating these scripts to your website)


If you are a PRO VERSION user of Email Dominator 2.1 , send the ftp details of your site and the path to the page to include the website forms to our support team (email to support@EmailDominator.com) so that they will manually integrate these forms to your website FREE OF COST.

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