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Resellers - Affiliates

Affiliates / Resellers are invited to sell our products and will receive a flat 30% commission on each product they sell. Commissions are offered as recurring. ie affiliates will receive 30% commission not only for new customers they refer but also for each time the same customer pays again. Resellership is offered 100% Free to all those who are interested. Click the button below.


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How it works

As an affiliate/ reseller, you will receive a “special link” or banner that you can place anywhere on your website. When your visitor clicks that link / banner, he is redirected to our site and a cookie is placed in his browser’s cache: if, within one year, he buys our products, you are credited 30% of the net price.


Your one time income from one time sales 

Copies / month
Your Monthly Income
Your Yearly Income
US$ 223
US$ 2,676
US$ 894
US$ 10,728
US$ 2,235
US$ 26,820


Payouts to affiliates / resellers are made via Bank Wire transfer to any country in the world. Affiliates can also choose to receive a prepaid reloadable master card credit card from us which they can use in ANY local ATMs in their country with Master Card logo.


Minimum Payout is $250. Commissions are dispatched on 3rd of every month starting from first month itself.


Affiliates can track their sales & commission 24 hours a day us by logging into their affiliate control panel.

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